This is a very interesting statistic that I found on the web. The purdue graduation rate is the percentage of college grads that have a 4.0 GPA. That’s roughly how many graduates in the U.S. make the cut. I was surprised to find that the rate is the highest among European countries, which I had not expected at all. I’m not sure what the reason is. Maybe the higher percentage of college graduates in the U.S.

I know it seems like a strange thing to find out, but I actually think it may have a lot to do with the fact that Europe has a very strict immigration system. The European countries have a lot of trouble getting new immigrants because they have to pass a very rigorous “screening” test for immigration.

The first question on the immigration interview is usually where do you want to go to school. You can get a free ride with a place like the University of Helsinki, or with a state like Germany or Austria. For the European countries, the selection of schools is much more difficult. First off, it seems like the schools are mostly all the same.

The problem is that all the schools are in the same city. The difference is that the schools that are the most popular are usually in the closest city. This means that you have to live in a city that is close to your school. And in the United States, it is actually very difficult to get a high school diploma. The U.S. is actually not a very educated country in terms of its public schools.

So not only do you have to be close to your high school, you also have to be close to your college. Even if you only have to be close to your high school, you still have to go to college. This is why you see lots of people who are the same age or older with the same college degrees. In reality, however, the rate of people who have college degrees is actually very low.

The high school graduation rate for the United States is about 70 percent but the college graduation rate is only about 38 percent. This means that about 40 percent of people who graduate from high school go to college, and only about 16 percent of people who graduate from high school go to college. These figures are somewhat more realistic.

It’s pretty rare for a person to go to college and then not finish. In fact, the vast majority of people who go to college graduate. This is because a lot of people who go to college end up dropping out after their first year or two. This is why an overwhelming majority of people who go to college drop out. The vast majority of college graduates fall through the cracks and never complete the degree.

The reason is that most colleges offer a free year of study. So the majority of people taking the full-time course of study can’t find a way to get it financed. It is not uncommon when you do not finish high school to start your undergraduate degree at your parent’s college or university.

That’s why the University of Phoenix has such a hard time graduating students. They have a graduation rate of 60% according to their most recent enrollment data. The University of Phoenix has a graduation rate of 69%. This is pretty decent for a small private university.

Purdues have a really crappy graduation rate, but its not really a surprise. There is a much more significant problem in the US that has caused even more students to struggle. The unemployment rate is roughly 25%. A much higher percentage of people are out of work in the US than in Europe, which has a much higher unemployment rate.

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