I’m a public policy major at gettysburg college, and I never thought I would be. However, I never thought that I would be in my position. I always thought that I would have to think about the issues and how to solve them, and that was never on my radar. And it’s a good thing I still don’t have to think about issues because I am not a public policy major. I’m just so lucky that I don’t have to think about the issues.

Im lucky because I dont have to think about the issues because its not on my radar, or on any of the radar, I guess, since I dont have to think.

I know public policy is a large subject and not everyone is interested in politics. However, I think it’s important for everyone to understand the issues that affect them, and how they might affect others.

Being from good ol’ homeboy old public-policy-major-only-state-college-goes-to-georgia state, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m not sure I like it one bit. I’m not sure what’s worse, that I don’t have to think about the problems or that I have to think about the problems.

I like it that way. The fact is that public policy is one of those subjects that has no easy answers. In order for a system to function, it requires a good deal of debate and consensus, and the people who make decisions often require a good deal of time and effort to learn about the various issues that affect them. Many policies are made because the government needs to do something, and its easy to understand why a particular policy is necessary.

I think it comes down to this, though. The majority of people in society are self-interested and make bad decisions. When you are a member of a group that is governed by self-interested people, it is easy for you to find yourself making decisions that are bad for your own self-interest. To use a real-life example, a politician will often find themselves agreeing to a policy that benefits themselves, a friend, or family.

The people that are actually in power are the ones that are the most self-interested and make the most bad decisions. This is where the distinction between a politician and a CEO comes in. A CEO is not just a person that makes decisions for the good of the company itself; he is a person that makes decisions for the good of the people that he or she serves.

We also have a term for that. A “policy wonk.” This is a person who takes a position on one or more major issues and then works to make it appear to be the best position. This term is so prevalent in politics that it’s a term people use to describe “experts.

But that’s not quite the same thing as being a policy wonk. A policy wonk might actually be a CEO. But they would have to be the kind of person that can advocate for the good of the people that he or she serves. This is a skill that requires a lot of thinking, often in the dark, about the good of the people that people serve.

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