I’ve been writing these quizzes so that I can have the answers to my students when they ask questions about them, so they learn what they need to know in order to be successful in their current activities.

My students ask me these questions about all sorts of things, from how to choose a restaurant to how to eat like a pig. One of the most common, and easiest questions I always get, is, “How do you do your taxes?” I feel like I should address this question with actual tax preparation instructions, but that would only be a waste of my time.

Of course, I have no idea, but it is always fun to try anyway. If you don’t know the answers and have been using a specific tax service with them for a while, then I’m sure you can find answers online for your specific situation.

In general, there are three kinds of tax preparers: Accountants, Accountants, and CPA’s. I used to think that CPA’s were the worst because they were so hard to work with, but lately I have noticed that they are actually pretty good. In my personal opinion, the kind of CPA you get when you are in your 20s is the worst of the three.

The good news is, the CPA you get isnt the CPA you get in your early 20s. There are CPA’s like that who don’t suck at tax prep, and there are less qualified ones who do. I just think this is a matter of perception. If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that all three types of tax preparers have strengths and weaknesses.

Now I’m not saying I hate CPAs. I actually think CPAs are great. They are a great resource for finding a good accountant, finding a good attorney, and the like. To the degree that I think CPAs are bad or useless, it is usually because I am in it for the wrong reasons.

I am sure you think CPAs are useless, but we all have biases and limitations. The ones who do the best work are those who have a deep understanding of tax principles and how the system works. As I type this, I am trying to get ahold of a tax professional who has a deeper understanding of the system than I do, but for now Im just going to lump CPAs in with the other tax preparers.

I think CPAs are a great motivator for people to do more good stuff than they could possibly be doing. I have noticed that many of them are not getting paid enough. My wife and I are getting paid less than we could have gotten otherwise. We have a lot of money; but we don’t have to work hard to help people. We are having fun, and I really don’t need to worry about anyone else when I work for the company.

It’s not really a case of CPAs doing more good than they could, just that they don’t quite have the same self-awareness as people who are more self-aware. The fact is that if you can get a job, and your salary stays the same, and your hours are flexible, then you can work for free. But if you have to work for a company that isn’t giving you all of the benefits you deserve, then you might as well just do something else.

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