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Penn State’s tuition rates are still a joke. This year they are going to be among the top 10, despite the fact that the tuition price is still down.

The new tuition rates for Pennsylvania’s public colleges are, as the chart above shows, still too high. Penn State is one of the schools that is going to see the most cuts.

Penn State is going to be one of the schools that is going to see the most cuts – a whopping $16 million. That comes from the state’s general fund, and there’s no way for PSU to take that money out of the state. PSU is already in trouble in relation to the current budget, so it’s not a surprise that they’re going to be the ones who suffer.

Penn State is also going to have their share of the budget cuts – which it seems will occur gradually. The new budget for Penn State continues to be $70 million short of the $108 million that Governor Tom Corbett proposed. PSU is already losing $600k from the state of Pennsylvania, so if this happens, theyll be paying out about $300k more than the governor was asking for.

I hate to say it, but PSU is doing the exact opposite of what Corbett was trying to do. Penn State is getting a break in the budget from the Governor because of a state law that allows them to raise tuition, but Corbett is keeping tuition the same and refusing to budge on the rest of the budget. Penn State actually lost 500k from the state over the last year.

The only good news from this is that the governor is now in a much stronger position financially. As it turns out, Penn State is just a tax write-off. According to the latest numbers from the state comptroller, the state of Pennsylvania is paying out $6.4 million less than it was last year. As of Oct. 1, the state is paying out $8.3 million less than it was paid $16.3 million in the previous fiscal year.

I don’t know much about Penn State, but I do know that the fact that the state of Pennsylvania is paying the bill for tuition for students actually puts it in a better financial position. I think the state of Pennsylvania would have to go to a complete financial collapse to pay out more than it was already paying for tuition in the last fiscal year. The fact that Penn State is now paying less money for their students is a good sign.

The tuition for Penn State tuition is actually about $16,300 per student. It’s also about $10,000 less than it was in the last year. I think the state of Pennsylvania is really going to be paying attention to the tuition situation. I think if Penn State continues to pay less money for tuition, they’ll be able to afford to pay the tuition next year.

In the current state of the economy, tuition rates are definitely a concern. Even though tuition rates for Penn State students are the cheapest they’ve been in years, a significant portion of those students are working for full-time jobs that don’t pay as much.

I have to believe that Penn State would like to be making a buck, but they don’t have the resources to do it. You are only as good as your last year of college tuition, so Penn State will want to increase their tuition to fund their new facilities and new programs. The tuition that Penn State is currently paying is far too high for their students to afford, and it’s going to be harder and harder for them to pay less next year.

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