goodmds review

I have been a goodmds member for quite some time now, and I have seen the good and bad of the site for a long time. The most recent bad thing I have seen is a member that was so bad to use and abuse the site that they ruined the goodmds website. I would like to say that I had no idea it was bad, but I did, and I also knew that it was a bad member that was abusing the site.

This member is a member in goodmds that was abusing the site by using it as a tool to bully others. They thought they were using the site to help with their own personal issues, but really they were just using the site to get others to join them in abusing the site.

After reading the posts, I would agree with the member’s claims, but I’d also say that he deserves a chance to make up for his actions.

As a member abuse, badmds has been a long-time issue. The last member that was a bad member was also the worst member on the site. Unfortunately, like many others, he abused the site to bully others. I can’t believe that someone that was so abusive could still be a decent member.

My bad. I’m not sure I can say this is just a bad member because he’s already been a member for several years, it’s just that his abuse is much worse than that of other members. If you see something on the site that is not right, report it to the admins, that’s really all you can do. They can either remove the offending member, or simply ban him from the site.

Well, I don’t think the site should be a place for bullying. I think members have a right to voice their opinion and let the admins decide what’s right or not. And like many others, I know that the admins probably think this way because they don’t like the way I abuse them.

I know the admins are probably in the minority. Personally, I wouldnt report someone for doing something so simple and obvious. But I guess that’s life. Not all of us are perfect.

I know that many people would find this to be the worst possible thing ever to do. I appreciate that people have the right to voice their opinion, but the admins do. Not everyone is wrong.

I’ll admit that I once made a comment on the chat for someone that was so blatant and obvious I didn’t even realize I said it. I mean, I’d say I was wrong, but I was completely unaware that I’d said it. The admins are probably pissed that I used their word to call out their users.

I do agree that people should be able to speak their minds, but it is a responsibility of the admins to keep things under control. It is a common thing for people to use the word “unable” when they are clearly unable to follow the rules and regulations that the admins have set. In fact, most of my friends have been kicked out of chat because they were unable to keep their mouths shut.

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